Criminal Defense
If you are charged under the Criminal Law, you need an experienced lawyer committed to defending you or your loved one. Criminal convictions are permanent on your record and can prevent you from getting the job you want, ruin your credit or prevent you from buying or renting a home. Criminal defense can include any of the following:

  • DUIs
  • drug crimes
  • federal crimes
  • juvenile cases
  • probation violations
  • sex crimes
  • property crimes

If you have no prior criminal record there may be special options available to you such as first offender probationary disposition programs. A thorough examination of all facts involved in your case is necessary to determine your eligibility for such programs. If you qualify, expungement of charges from the public record may be available.

Criminal Defense Consultations

Consultations regarding charges filed alleging violations of the Pennsylvania Traffic and Crimes Codes and procedural and legal requirements involved in criminal litigation including preliminary hearings and proceeding before the Court of Common Pleas. My criminal law experience includes more than 16 years as an Assistant District Attorney in Cambria County, Pennsylvania. During my tenure as a County Prosecutor, I handled homicides, major felonies and all grades of misdemeanor offenses.